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Lamb pilau rice

(BBC Good Food’s) Lamb pilau rice recipe

4 portions.  Maximum cost: £15.35, less if using leftover lamb,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 25 minutes, 

Raspberry banana and almond milk smoothie

Breakfast smoothies

I recently bought a new food processor. My old model kicked the dust after a few years. It had served me well as I used it every other…

Jamie Oliver Crispy Parma Pork

(Jamie Oliver’s) Pork fillet & feta wrapped in Parma ham

4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.90 for all fresh ingredients,  Skill: Medium,  Total cooking time: 45 minutes,

(Gordon Ramsey’s) Beef fillet with salsa verde

6 portions. Maximum cost: £60,  Skill level: Medium – requires a pestle and mortar,  Total cooking time: 40 to 45 minutes, 

Lamb and goats cheese salad

(BBC Good Food’s) Lamb & goat’s cheese salad

4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.40, less  if using leftover lamb,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 30 minutes, 

Chickpea salad

(Jamie Oliver’s) Chickpea, feta and chorizo salad

4  portions. Maximum cost £5 for the original recipe, £9 with my additions,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 25 minutes, 

Jamie Oliver Herb crusted cod

(Jamie Oliver’s) Herb crusted cod with minted mash

4 Portions. Approximate cost: £11.15,  Skill level: Medium (requires a food processor),  Total cooking time: 50 minutes,  

Ottolenghi's Turkey & Courgette Burgers

(Ottolenghi’s) Turkey & courgette burgers

4 portions. Maximum cost: £7.05,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 35 minutes, 

Roasted vegetable and farro salad

Roasted vegetable farro salad

8 portions. Maximum cost £9.79 for all ingredients,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 45 minutes, 

(Jamie Oliver’s) Salmon wrapped in prosciutto with herby lentils

4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.55,  Skill level: Super easy,  Total cooking time: 20 minutes, 

Vietnamese summer rolls

Vietnamese summer rolls

4 + portions (3 or 4 rolls per person). Maximum cost: £9.59 Skill level: Medium,  Total cooking time: 30 minutes,