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(James Martin’s) Roasted sea bass with a chorizo style ratatouille recipe

4 portions. Approximate cost: £13.50,  Skill level: Easy (if using fish fillets),  Total cooking time: 25 to 40 minutes depending if you’re using fillets or a whole fish, 

Hairy Bikers Kedgeree

(Hairy Biker’s) Kedgeree

4 portions.  Skill: Medium (cooking rice and eggs correctly requires skills!)  Total cooking time: 25 minutes, 

Cod, butter bean and chorizo stew

(BBC Good Food’s) Cod, butter bean & chorizo stew

4 portions. Maximum cost: £22.20,  Skill level: Very easy,  Total cooking time: 25 mins, 

Prawn & rocket spaghetti

(Jamie Oliver’s) Prawn, sun-dried tomato & rocket spaghetti

4 portions. Maximum cost: £14.45,  Skill level: Easy if using peeled prawns,  Total cooking time: 15 minutes if using peeled prawns, 45 minutes if not, 

Tuna Nicoise

Tuna Nicoise salad

4 portions. Approximate cost: £9.40 (with a lot of leftover black olives),   Skill level: Medium (beware of over cooking tuna, eggs and green beans at your peril!),  Total cooking…

Jamie Oliver Herb crusted cod

(Jamie Oliver’s) Herb crusted cod with minted mash

4 Portions. Approximate cost: £11.15,  Skill level: Medium (requires a food processor),  Total cooking time: 50 minutes,  

Salmon anchovy and rosemary sauce

(Jamie Oliver’s) Pan roasted salmon, broccoli and anchovy & rosemary sauce

4 portions. Maximum cost: £12,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 15 minutes, 

Cod, Parma ham and pinenuts

(Jamie Oliver’s) Cod, Parma ham, green beans, pine nuts & lemon

4 Portions. Approximate cost: £16.40, Skill level: Extremely easy,  Total cooking time: 20 minutes,