4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.40, less  if using leftover lamb, 

Skill level: Easy, 

Total cooking time: 30 minutes, 

  • Prep time: 15 minutes, 
  • Cooking time: 15 minutes, 

Equipment used: 1 frying pan, 1 large mixing bowl, kitchen roll, 

Original recipe: (BBC Good Food’s) lamb, feta and mint salad


(A keen eye will notice that I forgot to add the goats cheese when taking a photo)

The original recipe includes only a handful of ingredients, one of which is oven chips (!) Although the big kid in me quite likes this idea, I’ve substituted the chips for sautéed slices of new potatoes (or if using leftover roast lamb, potentially use leftover roasted / hasselback potatoes)

I’ve also added a greater variety of salad ingredients – If you have any salad leaves or items, feel free to throw these in. You could also add  tomatoes (fresh or sun-dried) if you don’t want to roast peppers or buy a  jar.  On other occasions I’ve substituted the goat’s cheese for feta (as the original recipe recommends) although you may want to leave out the olives if you do otherwise it could up a little salty.

Instead of using oil and butter to sauté the potatoes, I actually used some leftover duck fat I’ve had sitting in the fridge for a while now – I was a little unsure as to how long this would last, but was reassured that the general consensus online says a few months – providing it has been adequately covered (cling film) and nothing nasty is growing on it.  Mine’s been in the fridge for just under a month – I know this because I was sensible enough to write the date on top of the cling film to prevent any nasty surprises. 


To prep:

(Original recipe in bold font, my comments in italic)

1: Remove the meat from the fridge to bring to room temperature 

2: If sauteing potatoes – get a pan of water boiling to par boil the tatties – you don’t need them cooked through as you will be frying them – these will be ready when you can insert a knife into them without force

3: Make your salad dressing – The original recipe states to “whisk together 4 tsp oil from the pepper jar with 2 tsp of red wine vinegar, a few chopped mint leaves, 2 pinches of sugar and some seasoning.” I choose to add the mint leaves to the salad instead of chopping them and adding into the dressing. Instead of the sugar, I added a  generous lug of pomegranate molasses. This is very sweet so  you may wish to increase the quantity of red wine vinegar to even it out – taste as you go so as not to overpower it.  

I always make salad dressings in jars as I think that this is the easiest way to mix it, pour it and requires little washing up.  

4: Slice any salad items into bite size pieces.

5: Cut the goats cheese into small chunks.


To cook / assemble:

To sauté your potatoes, cut the par-boiled potatoes into thick slices. Heat up a frying pan with olive oil and add a knob of butter or if available use leftover duck fat. When hot, add the slices of potato into the pan. As when cooking scallops, its easiest to do this in a clockwise action so you can remember which slices you added first allowing you to easily judge when to turn the ‘tatties over. Cook until you get a lovely crisp brown outside, this will take approx 6 or 7 minutes.

When ready, remove the potatoes from the pan and set aside on some kitchen towel to soak up any of the excess oil and allow to cool slightly.  You’ll re-use the pan in a moment.

If using lamb fillets as per the original recipe; heat a griddle or frying pan, brush lamb with a little more oil from the pepper jar, then season. Cook for 2-3 mins on each side, then leave to rest on a board.

If using cooked lamb meat (shredded or cubed),  heat the meat gently in the pan you used to sauté potatoes (if there is a lot of oil remaining, use some kitchen towel to remove the excess). Warm through or even turn up the heat a little to add a bit of extra crispiness.

Roughly tear the peppers into smaller chunks, then put into a large bowl with the feta (or goats cheese) and spinach leaves. 

Add to this the cucumber, olives and mint leaves plus spinach leaves, rocket leaves or any other salad you are using.

Pour over the salad dressing, be mindful not to add too much, you don’t want it to be soggy. Very gently, give everything a mix before taking a generous handful and adding to the centre of a plate. Layer over the potatoes, before adding your lamb to the top of the salad.

If you are extending this to lunch the next day, avoid adding the dressing now as this will  make the salad leaves a bit soggy – Either prepare the salad in two separate bowls or simply remove half before adding the dressing. I’d also recommend layering up the salad in the reverse order in your lunch box. Start by adding the lamb, then the potatoes before adding the olives, cucumber, cheese and then lettuce leaves. You can then tip this upside down onto a plate and have a beautiful looking salad.



  • new potatoes (£1 for a bag, half used here, 50p)
  • a handful of jarred roasted red peppers (£2.50, a third of the jar used here, 80p)
  • 60g goats cheese (approx £1)
  • 1 large lamb steak (approx £5) or leftover lamb (shredded)
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach (£1 for the bag, half used here, 50p)
  • a handful of rocket (£1 for the bag, half used here, 50p)
  • whole cucumber (40p, half used here, 20p)
  • fresh olives (I used green olives stuffed with garlic cloves from our local deli £1.50)
  • pomegranate molasses
  • red wine vinegar
  • fresh mint leaves