Purchasing large pieces of kitchen equipment can be costly; forking out for a Magimix or Kitchen Aid food processor will definitely hurt your bank balance however there are infinite uses that will save you time and allow you to try new dishes that would have been impossible without one.

Don’t take my word for it though, below, I’ve listed a number of recipes that help justify the cost of purchasing a food processor.

If you’re still unsure, don’t overlook the cheaper models – my original food processor / blender combo cost less than £50 and has lasted for at least 3 years (surviving almost daily use) so you don’t have to pay the earth for something decent.


Some dishes are impossible to make without a food processor:


1: Dips and Spreads

A very vague title that can include pate, hummus, guacamole, tapenade etc

Mackerel pate & pickled cucumber

Homemade mackerel pate


2: Breadcrumbs:

Throw a bread roll into the bowl, add some lemon zest, herbs or a clove of garlic and pulse for instant tasty breadcrumbs – you will never buy the packaged golden variety again. The recipe below actually requires 3 uses of a food processor so you’ll feel like you’re getting your money’s worth in 1 dish. 

Jamie’s herb crusted cod with minted mash

Jamie Oliver Herb crusted cod


3: Pastry:

I’m lucky enough to have a Magimix with a dough hook (I have a very generous Dad who actually gifted me both my original and super deluxe models for 2 Christmas presents). 

Wiping up shortcrust pastry in a food processor is a doddle. Tom Kerridge’s recipe goes one step further and adds blitzed dried porcini mushrooms into the pastry dough  – it may not seem that special, but it’s a nice twist.

(Tom Kerridge’s) Ham and mushroom pie

Tom Kerridge Ham & Mushroom Pie


4: Batter:

If you’re not looking enough to have my Dad gift you a premium model with a dough hook – do not fret, you are still able to make a number of batters in the blender compartment.

Nigella actually recommended a blender over hand mixing for her OTT pancake batter and the same rules applies to any batter mix – yorkshire puddings, 

(Nigella’s) American breakfast pancakes

Nigella's American Pancakes


5: Smoothies

You can pretty much throw anything in with juice or milk and it will be edible. Bananas or avocados are a must – they bind the mixture and make it creamy. Likewise, almond milk, apple juice or a decent amount of ice cubes are vital if you want to drink it (rather than eat it with a spoon)

Breakfast smoothies

Summer fruit smoothie


Food processors save time:


1: Grating vegetables:

This can of course be done by hand, but there is something extremely satisfying in grating 2 carrots and 4 potatoes in under 30 seconds. Combine with feta and dill to create a tasty little side dish a la Nigel. 

(Nigel Slater’s) Potato, carrot, feta & dill rostis

Sweet potato rosti