Approximate cost: £120 (plus wine) for 2 people

Pierre Sang Beef carpaccio served with Parmesan crumbs, pickled red onion and a beetroot foam When exploring a new city, I’ll always ask around for a few recommendations from friends who’ve lived or visited there. Luckily for me, I asked exactly the right person and was given a long list of bars, restaurants and attractions to fill a week’s worth of time in the romantic capital (a big thanks again Parina, I owe you)

This restaurant was by far the best recommendation; Pierre Sang won the French equivalent of Masterchef a few years ago and set up this little 20 or 30 seat restaurant in the trendy Oberkampf district serving French – Korean fusion food. 

The best seats are at the bar – here you can watch the 3 or 4 chefs at work, prepping meals at breakneck speed but still able to spare a few minutes to chat with the guests. You don’t select your dishes from a menu – each guest is served the same dish (exceptions made for food allergies or vegetarians) and only after you’ve eaten are told what was served, after being encouraged to spend a few minutes guessing first.

6 courses (without drink) costs €49 per person (currently £41) and there is a wide range of wine, so even after treating yourself to a really nice bottle, a first class dinner costs only £120.

So what did we eat?

The dishes included;fresh crab and fennel salad; sauteed prawns on a lentil puree topped with diced red pepper, pickled broccoli florets, pea shoots and a soy glaze. A beef carpaccio served with Parmesan crumbs, pickled red onion and a beetroot foam and (the star of the show) brined chicken, green grapes, pearl onions, avocado and Korean chilli paste. 

The feast didn’t stop there with a cheese course and of course a pudding, although these were (nearly) outdone by the continuous supply of warm bread and salty butter – the more you eat the more the basket is re-filled. Bliss!