Category: Vegetarian Meals

Potato and feta rosti

(Nigel Slater’s) Potato, carrot, feta & dill rosti

4 portions. Maximum cost: £6 for all ingredients,  Skill level: Medium (it’s all about timing),  Total cooking time: 30 minutes, 

Jamie Oliver vegan pie

(Jamie Oliver’s) Vegan shepherd’s pie

8 portions + Maximum cost: £20 for all ingredients, (includes a £9 bottle of wine) Skill level: Medium (lots of chopping),  Total cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes,

Asparagus and pesto pasta

Asparagus, pine nut and pesto linguine

4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.05 for all ingredients (you will be left with Parmesan and pine nuts),  Skill level: Easy, Total cooking time: 30 minutes. 

Portobello msuhroom and halloumi burger, brioche bun

Portobello mushroom & halloumi burger

4 portions. Maximum cost: £8.38,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 30 minutes, 

Spanakopita Jamie's spinach & feta filo pie

(Jamie Oliver’s) Spinach & feta filo pie

6 + portions. Maximum cost: £15.20,  Skill level: Easy (you need a good amount of work space to assemble)  Total cooking time: 35 minutes,