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Low carb meal shopping list

Shopping List: A week of good carbs

Approximate cost: £53 for 4 meals (4 portions) None of these meals are strictly carb free as even vegetables contain some level of carbohydrate, however these 4 dishes do omit…

Vegan Shopping List

Shopping List: A Vegan week

Maximum cost: £50 for 4 meals (4 portions) I’m a fan of the “meat free Monday” idea – cutting down on meat is better for the environment, your…

Salad recipes

Shopping List: A week of salads

Summer is here (sort of) so say “goodbye”to casseroles, stews big joints of meat  – the humble salad is your new mainstay (at least until the sun disappears).  For…

Cutting corners in the kitchen

Shopping List: A week of cutting corners

4 meals using shop-bought pastes, pastry or tins – for when you’re feeling bloody lazy

Shopping List: An Asian inspired week

A lot of Asian dishes require specialist ingredients; although the recipes below do use a few, I’ve deliberately kept these to a minimum and only included dishes with ingredients…