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Nigel Slater stuffed peppers

(Nigel Slater’s) Roasted peppers with pork & rosemary

4 portions. Maximum cost: £9.40 for all ingredients,   Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 50 minutes, 

About me

  Dedicated to Rich, who has always encouraged me …   Quick into…. Each weekend I plan what we’re going to eat for the following week. I aim to…

(Pitt Cue) Pork ribs

4 portions. Approximate cost: £3.50 to £10.50 (depending on the rub used and where you buy your ribs,  Skill level: Easy / Medium (again dependent on the rub)   Total cooking…

Low carb meal shopping list

Shopping List: A week of good carbs

Approximate cost: £53 for 4 meals (4 portions) None of these meals are strictly carb free as even vegetables contain some level of carbohydrate, however these 4 dishes do omit…

10 ways to use leftover herbs

Separating your soft from your woody… I’m a big advocate of substituting one ingredient for another; especially if you have surplus of something specific. The same applies to herbs; you can replace basil…

Jamie Oliver Crispy Parma Pork

(Jamie Oliver’s) Pork fillet & feta wrapped in Parma ham

4 portions. Maximum cost: £13.90 for all fresh ingredients,  Skill: Medium,  Total cooking time: 45 minutes,

Nanban Brixton Tim Anderson

Eating out – Nanban, Brixton

Approximate cost: £50 for 3 small dishes, 1 main, a pudding and a tasting trio of sake

(Gordon Ramsey’s) Beef fillet with salsa verde

6 portions. Maximum cost: £60,  Skill level: Medium – requires a pestle and mortar,  Total cooking time: 40 to 45 minutes, 

Pork and Green Beans in XO Sauce

(Minty’s Kitchen) Pork with green beans in XO sauce

4 portions. Maximum cost: £15,  Skill level: Easy,  Total cooking time: 25 minutes, 

Chadwicks Butchers, Balham

Where I shop – Chadwicks Butchers, Balham

I’m officially a food snob. I now buy all of my meat from the butchers… Granted, it can be a little more expensive then purchasing the equivalent amounts from the supermarket,…

The ultimate lasagne

(Jamie Oliver’s) Beef & butternut squash lasagne

8 Portions. Skill level: Medium,  Total cooking time: 3.5 hours, 

School of Wok XO fried rice

(School of Wok’s) XO fried rice

4 portions. Approximate cost: £15 (although you will have half a jar of XO sauce remaining),  Skill level: Super easy,  Total cooking time: 30 minutes (maximum), 

Shopping List: An Asian inspired week

A lot of Asian dishes require specialist ingredients; although the recipes below do use a few, I’ve deliberately kept these to a minimum and only included dishes with ingredients…

Mama Lan Brixton Village

Eating Out – Mama Lan, Brixton Village

Approximate cost: £30 for 4 / 5 dishes (enough for 2 people)